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About Us

The PAIDA family has been active in the field of retail & wholesale since 1977, with Athanasios Paidas as its founder and pioneer.

The relationship between the quality and price of the goods is something that characterizes the company, as well as the immediate service of its customers by experienced staff.

The company cooperates with many companies abroad and at home, selling their products in Greece.

The website is the official online store of the company "PAIDAS EVANGELOS ATHANASIOS" with Tax Identification Number 061397203, DOY: KARDITSA Number GEMI 018966631000, with activity the "Trade of Household Goods". The headquarters of the company is located in KARDITSA (26 Vasiardani & M. Alexandrou, PC 43100, tel. 2441021373, e-mail:

The constant goal of PAIDA is to provide the best possible service to our customers. This e-shop enables both our customers and all internet users to be informed immediately about the products offered by our company, as well as to make their purchases electronically. On our websites we enable our customers to be informed about the existing stock in our central warehouses.

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